Our Community

The Partnership builds community in both Rancho Cordova and Folsom by working with individuals, service providers, the business sector, and local government to build strong families, increase parent self-sufficiency, and promote youth development. The Partnership is committed to addressing the distinct needs of families and youth in these unique communities who are knitted together under a local school board and as neighbors on the Highway 50 corridor.

Though the city was incorporated only 5 short years ago, Rancho Cordova natives proudly stand up in meetings and say “I’ve lived in Rancho Cordova for 39 years.” These long-time supporters of children and children’s programming sustain annual projects like Kid’s Day in the Park, which began as a strategy to take back a long park from gangs and crime. Support for children is needed now more than ever as the employment rate for local families hovers near 10%, with over 50% of Rancho Cordova school children receiving free – or reduced cost school lunches because their families are hard-pressed for basic necessities. Rancho Cordova is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the county, state, and country and The Partnership is proud to acknowledge this diversity by providing core services in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Residents of Folsom are proud of their community and of their commitment to fun and equitable opportunities to children and families, especially those with special needs. Folsom is rapidly expanding, creating new jobs for their residents who navigate a higher cost of living. As a founding member of the Folsom Community Collaborative, the Partnership has a relationship with other services headquartered in Folsom, in order to provide comprehensive referrals to our Folsom clients.