Community Support Services

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Not having basic needs can be stressful.  Community Support Services offered at our Family Resource Center focus on meeting the basic needs of families while acting as a gateway to other services.  This is a powerful way to reach populations who would normally “fall through the cracks” of a traditional insular social services delivery system. 

Community Support Services provides one-on-one crisis assessment; community-based advocacy and referrals, resources, as well as short-term and long-term solution focused case management.

Other Community Support Services include Safety Net services that are hosted during designated hours each week, where participants receive immediate tangible resources to assist in times of hardship. Referrals can be made to local partners, which empower participants with knowledge and the ability to access services.

Safety-Net has an exhaustive library of resources that include:

  • Low cost car seats
  • Legal assistance
  • Food lockers
  • General counseling
  • Medi-Cal eligibility and application
  • Covered California education
  • Housing referrals
  • Career Centers
  • Baby supplies
  • Clothing Closets
  • Youth activities
  • Low cost internet
  • Free cell phone


If you would like more information about our Community Support Services, please contact April Flewelling, Community Support Manager, at or 916-361-8684.

A Success Story

A family stopped by our Safety Net program after seeing our sign in the hallway advertising crisis support. The family indicated they had just moved from Southern California because Richard* (the father) had been laid off.  They were temporarily living with Richard’s family while searching for work.  According to Gina* (the mother), they had "never had to rely on the government for help" and were somewhat hesitant to even walk in to the organization. Gina appeared to be in distress, while Richard tried to reassure her that everything would be alright.

Community Support Services provided the family with diapers, food and bus passes, as well as our Family Resource Center calendar and a resource packet. Our staff explained our agency and the services we offer.  Staff also provided employment information for Richard and Department of Human Assistance’s information to help them sign-up for Medi-Cal, Cal-Fresh, Cash-aid, and child care information. When Gina stepped away for a minute, Richard mentioned that Gina was suffering from depression and asked if we had some resources for that as well. Staff provided counseling resources and encouraged Gina to attend the free Zumba and Women in Action classes where she could connect with other moms in the community.

In an updated with the family, Gina shared she signed up for Medi-Cal for her family and was approved for Cal-Fresh.  She also began attending the Zumba and Women in Action classes as well as participated in other activities as well.  Richard found a job quickly and staff closed the case because the family was plugged in and utilizing all of the available resources.

Staff were able to see the impact FCCP had on this family a year later, when Gina shared her success with us after a Zumba class. Gina mentioned how grateful she was that she had the courage to walk into the organization and ask for help.  She stated, “This was exactly what I needed.  My daughter loves to attend Playcare and has been opening up more socially."  Gina’s daughter was very timid and was terrified to be away from her parents. Now she is more independent and is making friends.