Financial Empowerment Services

For Adults:


FCCP provides financial empowerment education to community members to assist them in becoming self-sufficient and determining their financial futures.  Several times per year, we provide nine-module financial empowerment series based off the Consumer Protection and Financial Bureau’s “Your Money, Your Goals” toolkit. These informative workshops provide education, hands on practice and discussion to reinforce learning. Difficult financial concepts are broken into digestible pieces to create a baseline of understanding and build from there.  Adult participants learning in a group class frequently build connections with each other and become accountability partners in reaching financial goals they set while in the class.  In addition to group classes, we provide financial empowerment education in a home-based series for our staff who deliver services to community members in their homes.

FCCP has a Family Self Sufficiency program providing supports to homeless individuals and single parent families with children 0 to 5 in poverty to move them toward employment and self-sufficiency. Financial empowerment is a vital strategy in this program to teach money management to these community members to help them build assets and their own safety net for future security.

For Youth:

FCCP teaches financial empowerment to youth in a five module series for those who are just starting in the workforce. This helps them build healthy strategies for saving and managing their money. 


FCCP brings financial education into middle and high schools with interactive games and activities designed to teach financial vocabulary, build basic budgeting skills and help youth understand the difference between needs and wants.

FCCP’s College Savings Account project in partnership with the City of Rancho Cordova includes parent and student financial education as ways to earn deposits into student accounts.  Staff facilitates online financial education in youth classrooms while parents are provided workshop opportunities to learn about the importance of saving for college, budgeting and credit essentials.