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Community Heroes is a unique membership program of The Partnership

  • Our heroes give us confidence that the work we do every day is important and valued.
  • Our heroes provide us with the resources to do our work.
  • Our heroes impact the community by becoming part of a growing grassroots network of courageous and compassionate individuals who improve the lives of children, and families every day.


  • First and foremost is the satisfaction of knowing that your financial support will make a difference.
  • Partnership Press: a one-year subscription to our seasonal,  insightful newsletter that gives you an insider’s view of community issues in Folsom and Rancho Cordova.
  • Member Events: receive invitations to community events, fundraising events, workshops, slide shows, house parties and other opportunities to learn about the partnership programs and meet fellow heroes in our community.
  • Updates: receive frequent email updates on our new programs and developments.