Our Programs

logo-bb.giflogo-YAC.giflogo-REACH.gifAt the Partnership, we believe in meeting, accepting and respecting people where they are in life (regardless of their individual situations or life choices), working with them to identify and embrace their strengths and goals, and walking hand-in-hand with them on their individual roads to self-sufficiency and independence.  We view our role in this relationship to be that of a “co-pilot” or “navigator”.  Our participants are in charge of their own destiny and “drive the car” and we provide the “map” which helps them choose their direction from a range of options and to stay “on course” with the steps that they need to fulfill in order to meet their goals and aspirations. This can take many forms depending on the population we are working with. For example, for a youth member this could mean graduating high school and attending college.  For a first time mom, this could mean developing the necessary tools to become the best parent that she can be. 

In order to be successful in this role, we are committed to embracing broad-based strategic directions and initiatives which include multi-level collaborative relationships and a commitment to flexibility in light of our rapidly changing world. Our current strategic initiatives include gateway services to basic needs, education and employment, family support services, youth development initiatives, and a commitment to healthy living and active lifestyles.