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Success Stories



"I am enjoying my new job very much. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to finally feel a part of the working class and also the sense of joy and fulfillment this job brings me. Thank you so much for going the distance and helping connect me with Employment Services."

—Sherry, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant,
mother of three and previous CalWorks recipient


"The Partnership’s On-the-Job Training gave me a second chance to become employable. Due to the economy I was having difficulty finding steady, full-time work. The Partnership Employment Services staff was helpful and very professional. Thank you everything."

—Andrew, Customer Service Representative,
previously unemployed for two years




"We have received some terrific employment candidates from The Partnership. Our last hire, Anthony, does a tremendous job! He is always on time, very dependable and works hard. We don't know what we'd do without him. We can tell when it is Andrew's day off because things do not run nearly as smoothly around here."

Enid Baldock, Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites


"I really depend on The Partnership's Employment Services Team to prescreen and send me qualified job applicants. They are a valuable extension of our Human Resources department. We have hired many candidates through The Partnership and are grateful for their efforts to support our operations and staffing."

Human Resources Manager, Financial