Our Service Delivery Philosophies and What Makes Us Unique

our Service Delivery Philosophies

These service delivery philosophies are the backbone of how we live out our mission and vision in the community.  They are the tenets we hold to when we support individuals and families.  

  • We welcome all who seek assistance, accepting and respecting individuals and families in their current life situations.

  • We commit to assessing needs, advocating appropriately, and working together towards self-sufficiency.

  • We empower individuals and families by increasing their knowledge, assisting in building their skill level, and providing current, relevant resources.

  • We are dedicated to walking side by side with individuals and families as partners, celebrating successes and understanding that change takes time.

  • We are responsive, acting with professionalism and integrity at all times.

  • We provide relevant and engaging services that focus on the strengths of individuals and families.

  • We provide a nurturing environment that allows individuals and families from diverse cultures to make valuable connections and learn from one another. 

What makes us unique

These 4 primary elements are the foundation to how we approach our work in the community. It is the DNA of our organization’s culture and makes us standout as we support individuals and families.

We are Strengths-based

An individualized, strengths-based approach recognizes that every individual has competencies and capabilities that promote, enhance and strengthen their functioning.  These strengths can then be built upon to develop other competencies and capabilities.  The approach acknowledges each individual's unique set of strengths and challenges, and engages the individual as a partner in developing and implementing a service plan.

We are Person Centered

A person centered approach recognizes and trusts human potential, providing each individual with empathy and unconditional positive regard to help facilitate change.

We are Culturally Responsive

A culturally responsive approach consists of consistent behaviors, attitudes, services and policies that are respectful of, and relevant to, the beliefs, practices, culture and linguistic needs of diverse, individuals, families and communities.

We are Empowerment Focused

An empowerment focused approach enables each individual to act or perform effectively through promoting the acquisition of competencies and capabilities to meet needs, solve problems or achieve desired goals.  This approach is used to motivate and encourage individuals to become self-sufficient in their daily lives.